Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibility & Public Relations

As a trusted vendor in governmental, non-profit and correctional marketplaces we are proud to offer corporate support to many organizations throughout the United States. Some of the organizations that we offer our support to are:

ACA – The American Correctional Association

AJA – American Jail Association

NYS CAYSA – New York State Corrections and Youth Services Association

NAAWS – North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents

NCIA – National Correctional Industries Association

NMCJA – New Mexico Criminal Justice Association

NABCJ – National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice

NOHCJ – National Organization of Hispanics in Criminal Justice

NSA – National Sheriff’s Association

WCA – Wisconsin Criminal Justice Association

We are continually looking for opportunities to offer our support to the organizations which help to improve the lives and careers of our customers. If you are interested in having All State Distributors become a sponsor of your organization, or to become a vendor at an event, conference or trade show, please contact our Marketing Director.